How to use silicone for mold making?


Step 1: prepare the original molds .Prepare an perfect original mold and clean it totally before operation .
Notes :Make sure your original molds and operation tool cleaned up totally to avoid uncure problem .

Step 2: Take 100 G part A and 100 G part B (Or 100 G part A and 10 G part B) and mix them evenly. Notes: Addition cure mold making silicon rubber is two part flowing liquid , Pls follow the step strictly:

1.Weigh the two part exactly by electronic weight.If any part not in exactly weight , it may cause changing of hardness , or even cause no cure problem.
2.Mix part A and part B evenly. Otherwise the silicon rubber will be partly solidified and this will give birth to difficulties in your final operation. What’s more, the finished molds will meet a short life. All of these will cause a waste of silicon rubber.

Step 3: Vacuum pumping Without exception, this step takes less than 10 minutes. Otherwise, it will cause cross linking reaction, and no more further steps will be available.

Step 4: Pouring casting or Brush operation
Notes:1. For simple pattern products we suggest use pouring operation way , which will be very easy to operate and de-mould.Pourable silicone require light viscosity which will be easy to flow smoothly and easy to de-air .
2.For delicate pattern products we suggest use brushing operation way , which can copy the pattern exactly . Brush silicone require high viscosity which won’t be easy to flow away and easy to brush .

3. We suggest to set the silicone mold for another 12 hours after de-mould before put into large production .

Warm tips :
As addition cure silicone is a kind of platinum cure system , which will be easy to cause no cure problem ,so Kindly follow the tips below :
Do not mix with liquid condensation silicone rubber or even the tool which used for condensation silicone
Do not mix with organic matter which contains N, S, P organics and ionic compound like Sn, As, Hg, Ph,
Do not add any pigment or powder into the addition cure silicone rubber without any testing to prevent no cure problem

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